Rentak is a Producer, Musician, Live Performer, DJ, VJ, and Certified Ableton Trainer. Rentak’s live sets are sure to have a good dose on of Jungle and DnB but He is heavily influenced by many styles of music such as Future Garage, UK Garage, Trip Hop, House, Dub/Reggae, UK Dubstep, Ragga Jungle, and more. These influences really shine in Rentak’s DJ Sets. VJing is also a passion of his. Rentak is very flexible and could perform Live, DJ, or Visuals.. or even all three!

Gig at Swan Dive

I’m very excited to be Dropping an All original Jungle Live set at Swan Dive in Austin texas on Thursday May 14th. This is event is presented by Solstice Live and I will be sharing the stage with amazing Acts such as Play By Number, Guidance, and Inflatable Robots!!
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Planet Disco taping of Lux Divon

pd-girlzI have to say it was amazing to get back on stage with my amazing wife and do a Lux Divon set at Empire Control Room the other night. Planet Disco is using one of Lux Divon’s songs “Kings and Queens” as the theme song for the show. So we decided it would be only right to do a special performance for Planet Disco. The footage is being edited and I will post as soon as it becomes available for your viewing pleasure.

SXSW 2015 Austin Texas

I had lots of fun during SXSW 2015! I did not play any shows but I did a panel and Ableton Demo at Protos Festival which was a lot of fun. I also worked for Ableton during the Dev Culture event, Ableton/Dubspot Spaces event, and the Ableton boat party, All of which charted on an epic scale. I had the chance to reacquaint myself with some old friends and meet some amazing new friends. The experience was amazing!

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