Rentak is a Producer, Musician, Live Performer, DJ, VJ, and Certified Ableton Trainer. A Rentak live set is sure to be heavy on the Jungle and DnB but He is heavily influenced by many styles of music such as, Future Garage, UK Garage, Trip Hop, House, Dub/Reggae, Oldschool Dubstep, Ragga Jungle, and more. These influences really shine in Rentaks DJ Sets. VJing is also a passion of his. A Rentak is very flexible and could can perform Live, DJ, or Visuals.. or even all three!     

Gig at Swan Dive 

I'm very excited to be Dropping an All original Jungle Live set at Swan Dive in Austin texas on Thursday May 14th. This is event is presented by Solstice Live and I will be sharing the stage with amazing Acts such as Play By Number, Guidance, and Inflatable Robots!! 
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Planet Disco taping of Lux Divon 

I have to say it was amazing to get back on stage with my amazing wife and do a Lux Divon set at Empire Control Room the other night. Planet Disco is using one of Lux Divon's songs "Kings and Queens" as the theme song for the show. So we decided it would be only right to do a special performance for Planet Disco. The footage is being edited and I will post as soon as it it becomes available for your viewing pleasure.

SXSW 2015 Austin Texas 

I had lots of fun during SXSW 2015! I did not play any shows but I did a panel and Ableton Demo at Protos Festival which was a lot of fun. I also worked for Ableton during the Dev Culture event, Ableton/Dubspot Spaces event, and the Ableton boat party, All of which charted on an epic scale. I had the chance to reacquaint myself with some old friends and meet some amazing new friends. The experience was amazing!

Sunday Night Burn Feb 2015 

I had a great time performing my all original jungle Live Set at Sunday Night Burn in Austin Texas. As fire spinner myself I really appreciate what Sunday Night Burn has been doing for the flow arts community over the past few years. I look forward to calling this show the first of many performances at this weekly event! 

New day, new site, and the future looks bright! 

A lot is going on in the studio and for the live performance rig, I'm working on getting this website squared away, more instructional videos, booking shows, producing a ton of new jungle tracks, and practice practice practice. 2015 is going to be an epic year for Rentak!

Rentak set Synapsis at Empire Control Room 

Bringing in the new year proper with some new gear, Native Instruments Z2, and a fresh performance featuring 3 brand new tracks. It was so nice to finally bring this rig on stage and mix turntablism into my Jungle live set. 2015 will be a good year for this Junglist!


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Previous events

Esoteric: The Return!

Sweetwater, 730 W Stassney Ln, Suite 120, Austin

It's been a long time coming! Miss the dance parties we had every week at Ruta Maya??? Well, we're bringing the vibe back to S. Austin! No more dealing with the downtown madness.




Hi Tones, 621 E Dewey PL, San Antonio

This monthly event will showcase original artists/producers and their end results, it is open to improvisation, noise, analog production, digital production, visual projection, etc. The idea is to be an outlet for those who either don't have one or are seldom given a chance to show us what they have. These events are exhibitions of electronic art, both audible and visual. The internet has made it easy to access new music and forms of digital art, these events will bring it to a personal setting.




 —  —

Apache Pass

Flipside is a Burn and Rentak will be camping with Brown Eye Through The Look Ass. Look out for Rentak play music and doing visuals at various theme camps during the Burn




Strange Brew, 5326 Manchaca Rd, Austin

Once a month, we gather pioneering musicians for a night of daring and spontaneous instrumental live electronica in Austin's finest listening room. Come out on May 7th and reward your curiosity



Solar Flux

 —  —

Solar Flux, 10009 Lorado Drive, Austin

Rentak set time Saturday night at Midnight!!

Solar Flux is a 3 day flow art camp out. We encourage all types of art and flow arts. So bring all the fire toys and don't forget your safety equipment. We will have vendors and artist.



Dub Corner at Austin Reggae Fest

 —  —

Auditorium Shores, 800 W Riverside DR, Austin

Headliners for the 2015 Austin Reggae Festival include Lee "Scratch" Perry (April 17), Yellowman (April 17), Alika (April 18), The Slackers (April 18), Ska-talites (April 19), New Kingston (April 19), and Black Slate (April 19). More bands (as well as hour-by-hour schedule) announced soon.

$15 1 day $40 Three Day


Culture Exchange

Speedshop 410 Warehouse, 410 Pressler ST, Austin

Rentak will be hosting an Ableton Live Workshop about performing with Ableton Live at 4pm

Culture Exchange is a collective of people coming together for the common goal of expanding horizons through diverse methods of self-expression without the notion of genres or ethnic groups.



Mindful Hip Hop & Electronic Producer Showcase


This Event is a way to get the word out on these Talented Artist/Producers. This event will take place on plug.dj a site for music community's ran by People and not an algorithm. Great way to discover music and share with ur friends all at the same time. hope to see you there. starts at 2:00 PM PST 4pm CST





Sunday Night Burn, 3803 Veldt Dr., Austin

Come fire spin with friends. Please bring your own stuff if you have it. $2 cover unless you spin fire or play music. Or BYOB. NO GLASS!



Synapsis: A Producer Social

Empire Control Room and Garage, 606 East 7th Street, Austin

ynapsis: A Producer's Social Wednesday Jan 7th 2015 at Empire Control Room & Garage 7p - Close Music Production Workshops, Gear Demos, and Live Performances

No Cover!

Synapsis is an event for Producers, VJs, and Visual artists to have a chance to learn from each other, to have an outlet to perform without restrictions, and to have a chance to cut loose! Synapsis will give a chance to fresh new artists to get on stage and get their feet wet. Synapsis is a chance for experienced artist to take the stage and explore new territories. Synapsis will be a full on Audio, Visual, and Body Moving Mental Experience!

Workshops, Demos, Q&A:

7:00P - Using ableton live, Ableton Push, and KMI Quneo with Resolume VJ softwar to do an audio video performance. with - Jimmy Allision - Ableton Certified Trainer, Rentak

7:45p - Topic - Delay Master Class. Everyone is familiar with the classic dub echo, but delays can be used for dozens of different sonic effects, including thickening, chorusing, widening, drum fills, pitch bends and more. Ableton Certified Trainer Adam Fangsrud will be using the brand new and totally free Replika plugin from Native Instruments to explore the dark and twisted world of delays.

8:30p - VJing workshop Kendal Clark

Keith Mcmillen Instruments Product Demos

Visuals by Rentak, Kendal, Lust&Leisure

Performing Artists

eBurner https://soundcloud.com/eburner

Rentak https://soundcloud.com/rentak

Deehuck https://soundcloud.com/deehuck

Lizarazo https://soundcloud.com/lizarazo88

hardtopronounce https://soundcloud.com/hardtopronounce

JF. Scott Godot

Free Age limit: 18+